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One Important Email Before You Begin The 30-Day Nourishing You Program!

 Loving Your Body


Have you ever noticed that many people treat "love" as if it is a transaction?  Is love even possible if it has conditions? Is conditional love really love?

Wouldn't the moment you added a condition to "love" immediately transform the power of love into a "this for that" transaction? 

The conditions for love are the same, it matters not the recipient. It matters not if you are loving yourself or someone else. You can't say you'll love your body when this or that changes because you'll always find something that isn't perfect. No one you know is perfect, and that itself is perfect because we are all imperfectly beautiful creatures.       
Until you're willing to love yourself, you will not be able to create any amount of change that will fulfill you.  Until you truly love your body as is, you won't be able to transform yourself.  You can grow into loving yourself and make loving yourself your natural state of existence, but to do that you will have to stop trying to be perfect. You will have to stop trying to fool the world and yourself into believing that you love yourself, and you will have to start loving yourself. 

With this in mind, I want you to email me why you want to participate in this program. Look deep into your desires. Don't let yourself off the hook by writing, "I want to lose 10 lbs." Ask yourself why you want to lose 10 lbs. Is it to feel healthier? Is it to look better? To be more healthy for your loved ones. Don't stop there, ask yourself why you want to look or feel better. Is it to feel more comfortable in your body? If your real desire is to be more comfortable in your body, write that, and tell me why you want to feel more comfortable, tell me what feeling more comfortable in your body will do for you. Whatever your motivation is, share that, because writing it to me, will force you to share it with yourself.

Title Your Email: "Loving Myself More" and send it directly to me

Before you type up your email watch the video below. Make sure you really seek out your deepest desires and do not let yourself find the easy way out. 


And send it directly to me

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