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Perfection Is Not The Goal


When you think about love, are you only thinking about the emotional part of love? Emotions by their nature fluctuate.  Emotions can get you excited, but emotions also tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow.  Can you remember the first time you cleaned up your eating? Did you have a feeling that "this is my forever, my new way of eating"? How long did that last? A week? Two weeks? Before you were back to thinking, "who am I kidding? This isn't me!"


Did you feel both equally? If so, which is correct?  


When your relationship with your desires is unstable – when you are swayed by your emotions – Don't you have experiences of pain and suffering which are totally unnecessary? Wouldn't it feel better to be making consistent choices that are more in line with your desires? Once you've clearly defined your want, doesn't it become easier to continue to make choices that support those wants?


Before You Get Started | Things You'll Need

  • A quiet private space where you can sit for 10-15 minutes.

  • Any props you might use to make yourself comfortable.

  • Pen & paper (for your thoughts).

  • 5-10 minutes of time to process afterward.

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