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Heart Meditation


Today's video is just over six minutes long. Today I am asking you to genuinely and authentically open yourself up to receiving without judgment for the next six-plus minutes. You may notice that this is more difficult than you imagined it would be.

You might catch yourself judging my voice or questioning my worthiness; you might find yourself judging your seated position, the room you are in or even your own worthiness; let that all go. A desire to judge is just your old patterns wanting to distract you from growing, & from creating new patterns and habits.

Your ability to achieve your goals will be directly correlated with how open you are to receiving the messages (not the words from me, the messages you'll get from yourself), and how receptive and reflective you are afterward. Take a little time after today's meditation just to notice your thoughts. Maybe you'll even want to write them down.  

Before you get started, find a comfortable seat in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed for 11-16 minutes. ​

Before You Get Started | Things You'll Need

  • A quiet private space where you can spend 11-16 minutes.

  • Any props you use for seated meditation.

  • Pen & paper (for your thoughts).

  • 5-10 minutes of time to process afterward.

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