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You Are Beautiful


Letting go of perfection isn't easy. We are always judging ourselves as if perfection exists. Frequently we are hiding parts of ourselves from the world that we are ashamed of. As humans, we often spend a lot of energy protecting the parts of our lives that we don't want to show to the world. Perfection does not exist, but beauty does. Let's stop hiding who we are, and start being who we want to be. Let's show the world how beautiful it is to be you.


Today's video is just under seven minutes long, but I will warn you it can be an uncomfortable practice. I'm imploring you to give in to the experience; if you start to feel resistance, notice it, but let it go. This may be an excellent time to revisit the "What Am I Feeling" document in the Group Page.  

Before You Get Started | Things You'll Need


  • A quiet private space with a mirror where you can see as much of yourself as possible.

  • Any props you might use for seated or standing meditation.

  • Pen & paper (for your thoughts).

  • 5-10 minutes of time to process afterward. 

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