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A Journey Beyond the Mat: Awakening to a Greater Call

Updated: Jun 1

As dawn slashes the veil of darkness, its relentless golden blades carving stark silhouettes across the farm, I find myself a lone sentinel in the sacred quiet of nature’s embrace. Yoga has never been my refuge; instead, it’s been a relentless guide, a razor cutting through life’s chaos, leading both myself and others not towards comfort, but deeper into the labyrinth of awareness.

I know that the time has come for me to gently roll up my mat and take leave of the studio, the sacred space where the earth has lovingly cradled innumerable dreams and the morning breeze has whispered secrets to those who seek. Stirred by an unrest that whispers of destinies unfulfilled and paths yet trodden, my spirit heeds the call to a grander awakening—a journey that the confines of this cherished sanctuary can no longer contain.

This unrest is not born of the sanctuary we've cultivated here, nor of the devoted yogis who seek transcendence on their mats. It emerges from a clarion call that resonates too profoundly within me to ignore, a call that beckons me to transcend the confines of asanas and the rhythmic breaths that ebb and flow like the cosmic tides.

Yoga compels us to gaze deeply into the arcane mirror of existence. My own reflections expose a world ablaze with unchecked discord—fires of social strife, environmental calamities, and the erosion of truth in an era dominated by a grotesque parade of deception. As the fabric of American democracy is stretched thin by a relentless tide of falsehoods and division, the principles of yoga extend beyond the mat. They arm us with a philosophical toolkit rich in integrity, compassion, and acute awareness, crucial for steering through and challenging these stormy times.

At this crucial juncture in our history, it is vital that our spiritual practice does not stand apart from our civic duties. The peace we nurture within the walls of our studio must translate into dynamic action in the unpredictable arenas of public life. The inner alignment we cultivate through our yoga must mirror a collective push for societal transformation—advocating for justice, steadfast integrity, and ecological balance. Now, more than ever, we are called to stand firmly on the right side of history, shaping a legacy marked by wisdom and benevolence.

Therefore, with a heart both laden with hope and heavy with resolve, I choose to step away from my role as a teacher here at the studio—not from disillusionment with our shared journey, but driven by the imperatives that first drew me to the mat. Yoga symbolizes unity, and our fractured world demands this unity more urgently than ever.

This transition marks not an end but an evolution. It is a profound metamorphosis of our journey, one that I hope will both inspire and challenge. I am compelled to extend the teachings of the mat to the expansive canvas of community and the broader world, weaving the threads of yogic integrity into the fabric of societal transformation.

In this new chapter, I invite each of you to consider how your personal practice might extend beyond the realm of individual peace to touch the lives of others and mend the breaches in our communal fabric. Whether through thoughtful engagement with contemporary challenges, active participation in community service, or simply by infusing the peace and presence you cultivate here into the chaos of everyday life, you possess the power to effect profound change.

Though our communal practices in the studio are pausing, the true essence of our practice marches on, not just in the movements of our bodies but in the connections we forge and the causes we champion. I extend a wildly heartfelt invitation for you to continue this voyage with me—dive into the digital ether at, where we meet twice a week to expand our perceptions. Should you decide to walk a different path, know this: it has been a profound honor to share in your journey, to observe the unfolding of your spirits and minds in the sanctuary of our shared space.

Let us carry forward, not merely to enhance ourselves but to weave a richer, more harmonious tapestry of the world. With every breath and every pause, we challenge the chaos, crafting a symphony from the silence.

With a hat tipped in gratitude and a heart swelled with purpose,


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