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How To Get A Job As A Yoga Teacher (Thoughts From A Yoga Studio Owner)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Since I opened Vibetality in 2013 we've been named Phoenix Arizona's best yoga studio nine different times, by four different organizations. A lot of this is because I've been lucky enough to have some of the most incredible and skilled yoga teachers on the planet teach with me.

Recently I've had a lot of studio owners and current yoga teachers reach out and ask what we look for when we are hiring new yoga teachers. So I thought I'd share a few of the key things we are looking for when we hire a new yoga teacher. I hope by sharing this, you'll have a better understanding of what a yoga studio owner wants from you when you're looking for a job teaching yoga.

Have Your Own Yoga Practice or Choose a Different Career. Seriously!

I'm willing to bet you want to teach yoga because you know how powerful and transformative a yoga practice can be. The reality is in order to be a good yoga teacher, you must be a good yoga student. If you are making a decision to sacrifice your personal yoga practice so you have more time for teaching yoga, you're not likely to be teaching very long. If you're a yoga teacher, you should be practicing yoga at least 3 times a week. When applying for a teaching job at Vibetality we offer new teachers a free 10-class package to use. We do this so new teachers can meet our staff, and so we can see how new teachers interact with our studio and students. More often than not new teachers don't even use the 10 classes we've given them for free. Our Vibetality community is special and sacred, if you aren't willing to practice with our community, how can you expect us to let you lead our community in a practice?

Reality Check

It won't matter where you want to teach, the first thing any yoga studio owner is going to look for is whether or not you actually practice yoga at their studio. Hiring managers always want to know that your values and yoga teaching style are aligned with that of the studio’s, and that you believe enough in yoga to commit to it as a student.

Make Yourself Known in The Community!

The best way to get noticed if you want a job teaching yoga? Be the friendliest person in the studio every single time you are there. Be social, be out going, be polite, be friendly, be the best version of you possible. Most yoga studios are full of friendly people. I know Vibetality is one of the friendliest places on earth. If you want to stand out here you better bring your positive energy and show it off. It's not enough to come in and practice like a normal student, unless you want to be a student. If you want to find a job teaching yoga you need to stand out.

Reality Check

I get it, you are shy. We are all shy. One way or another you're going to need to get over being shy if you're planning on teaching yoga.

Get On The Studio Sub List, And Be an Active Yoga Teacher Sub!

Yoga studio's need subs all the time, and Vibetality is no exception. After teachers have practiced with us for a while, we want them to make sure we add them to our studio sub list. Tell your studio that you are available to sub and say yes to as many opportunities as possible. It may be hard to start out subbing as a new teacher, but subbing gives you great exposure to a studio's students and makes you look like a hero to the studio owner and any teacher who needs a sub.

Reality Check

There are thousands of certified yoga teachers looking for a job. If you're serious about making it in this yoga teaching industry you need to look for ways to stand out, and being a hero is a great way to show your stuff. Teaching as a sub will help you stand out from the crowd and sooner or later it will earn you a way into a regular teaching role.

Follow The Studio Rules

Every studio has their own rules and policies. At Vibetality we have a huge 7' X 4' sign with six rules on it.

· No beverages in the studio.

· Place your phone on silent and leave it in the lobby.

· Follow the VibePlate guidelines

· Respect class start times

· Respect other students

· Bring, share and receive positive vibes.

It seems simple enough, but you'd be surprised how many teachers, come in and immediately break the first 4 rules. It's sometimes hard to imagine what new teachers might be thinking as their phone goes off in the middle of class. My suggestion is no matter where you are, check out the lobby for any posted "house" rules or studio etiquette guidelines. If you don't see anything posted, ask the front desk if there is anything you should know about before class. The front desk staff at any yoga studio is a great resource for any questions you might have.

Reality Check

If you are breaking the rules set up by the studio as a student, you can't expect the studio owner to trust you as a teacher.

Find A Mentor & Spend a Lot Of Time With Them

I don't think you need to follow any specific set method of finding a yoga teacher mentor, but I highly suggest finding a teacher that you like and respect, and start by taking as many classes with them as possible. Once you really have a feel that their teaching style is the right fit for you, tell them how much you respect them, and why you'd like to learn from them. The worst thing that can happen is they become aware that you have an interest in mentoring with them but they can't offer the opportunity. Even if it is not something they can do for you, you can always ask for their recommendations of other mentoring options.

Reality Check

When you first start teaching yoga you're not likely to be highly sought after. The likelihood is when you first start teaching yoga you're not likely to be very good at teaching yoga. It is however very possible to learn how to become a well respected and highly sought after yoga teacher through time and effort. It took me about 6 years of daily teaching before I really felt like I was able to make an impact on everyone taking my classes. Looking back now I know I made a huge mistake. Had I obtained a mentor I could have cut this learning process down by at least half. It's up to you, but as someone who took the long road, I strongly recommend finding a mentor.

Getting a Job As A Yoga Teacher Isn't Impossible

There may be an ever-increasing amount of experienced yoga teachers that you are competing against, and it admittedly can be challenging to stand out as a yoga teacher in this crowded space. Still, by following these tips, you'll position yourself to receive positive attention from studio owners when you're applying for a yoga teaching position. With enough determination, you'll land a job, showing a studio owner, you are dedicated, responsible, and ready to learn will ensure it.

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