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Your Potential

The potential of your life is intrinsically tied to reality, not to your reality.

Again and again we meet minds enslaved by thoughts and emotions.

If you are held by your thoughts or tied to your feelings, you have already anchored yourself to a place where growth and expansion are impossible.

If you've spent some time around me you've almost certainly heard me speak about energetic anchors. Places, ideas, and moments in time that people have tied themselves to, where they stop progressing, where they throw their potential away. Places, moments, or past events that are constantly blamed for current struggles and failings. Your mind is full of memories and constructs it has created to justify its way, and it will if you let it.

If you can utilize your mind and its collection of conscious and unconscious memories when you need them and can you set them aside when they are holding you back, your mind can be a powerful tool of possibility.

When your mind is an anchor tying you to ideas, thoughts and emotions, you have lost control. Your intellectual capacity will only be your anchor if you keep it constantly submerged in your memories, feelings and ideas. When you are anchored to your past, nothing new is possible.

Karma itself is the unconscious creation of patterns for yourself. Karma isn't about your good or bad behavior, as much as it is about the patterns in your life. Patterns that you have created through unconscious habits and manifestations. If your life is full of patterns unconsciously created by a mind you have lost control of, what hope is there for joyfulness?

Living anchored to unconscious patterns isn't what you are here for. If you are seeking progress, you have to be willing to transcend the limitations of the anchors you have built for yourself. You have to be willing to free yourself from all of your patterns, crumble them into dust, and become something new.

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