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The Hierarchy Of Human Awareness

Updated: Jan 5

At the core of human understanding lies the Hierarchy of Human Awareness, a structured array of perspectives that govern our interpretation and interaction with the world around us. This hierarchy is not just a theoretical concept but a living, breathing process that each of us experiences and navigates throughout our lives.

The first and most primal layer of this hierarchy is the Selfish Expression. This is where our journey begins, rooted in the fertile soil of self-interest and personal desire. In this realm, our thoughts and actions are predominantly self-oriented. We view the world through the narrow lens of personal gain, often perceiving ourselves as the central figures in our narrative – sometimes as victims of circumstance, other times as entitled to precedence over others. It's a stage marked by a certain myopia, where the broader vistas of human experience are obscured by the looming presence of the 'I'.

As we ascend the rungs of this metaphorical ladder, our perspective starts to widen, giving way to what is known as the Societal Expression. This phase signifies a maturing of thought, where our concerns extend beyond the confines of self. Here, we engage with ideas of community welfare, environmental stewardship, social justice, and global change. These thoughts, though outwardly focused on the betterment of others, are often subtly colored by our own biases and desires. We advocate for change, for a world that aligns more closely with our ideals and visions. This stage, though seemingly selfless, is often a projection of our own wants onto the societal canvas, a subtle reaffirmation of the self through the guise of altruism.

At the zenith of the Hierarchy of Human Awareness is the Responsible Expression. This is the stage of enlightenment, where true awareness blossoms. Here, the individual realizes that the focal point of change is not the external world but their own self. This realization marks a profound shift from victimhood and blame to a state of complete personal responsibility and accountability. It is an understanding that any disturbance in our peace or discontent in our lives is a reflection of our internal state. In this stage, there is a profound acceptance that real change, lasting change, begins and ends with the self. It's a perspective that embraces the notion that the only true control we have is over our reactions, our attitudes, and our choices.

The Responsible Expression is not a destination but a continuous journey of introspection, growth, and self-improvement. It's about cultivating an inner landscape where peace, understanding, and compassion are the guiding principles. It's a stage where the self is both the sculptor and the clay, constantly reshaping in response to the lessons and experiences of life. In this highest expression of awareness, there is a harmonious balance between the self and the world, a dance of give-and-take where personal growth and societal contribution are two sides of the same coin.

Thus, the Hierarchy of Human Awareness is a journey from the inward focus of the Selfish Expression, through the outward-looking but still self-tinted lens of the Societal Expression, to the enlightened self-awareness of the Responsible Expression. It's a path that each individual traverses at their own pace, learning and growing with each step, in pursuit of a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

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